We have selected some fun online activities that you and your little one can take part in and enjoy over the summer!

Le Musée du Jouet

Visit this fun museum, play online games and create your own toy museum!

Parents Momes

Songs, arts & crafts, recipes, games, science… there is something for children of all ages on this fun French website!


Selection of Apps, all free on Android & iOS!

With the easing of  lockdown and the reopening of parks and gardens, we have put together a list of  fun applications so you can explore and observe the wonders of nature on a smartphone or tablet!

Seek par iNaturalist 

Identify plants, flowers, insects, fungi, birds, and animals around you!

Carte du Ciel

Explore the wonders of the sky with this app which is perfect for budding astronimists! 



This app will help you to find hiking trails in France. Once on the hike, your device turns into a very detailed hiking GPS.