Our next session of French Courses (Term D) for adults will run between Monday 19th April and Saturday 12th June.

Our French classes for adults are held in the morning at 10am or in the evening at 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

In addition to our general French classes ranging from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1) levels, our timetable also includes specialised French courses such as Conversation and Current Affairs. Our A1.1 class for complete beginners will take place on Monday 6pm.


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“I have been a student at the Alliance over a number of years.  My teacher is very dedicated and the classes are always instructive, stimulating and enjoyable.  A range of teaching approaches, using the latest technology and a wide variety of sources, are a hallmark of the course.  None of this has been compromised by the need to move to an online format and my teacher has adapted as we all became more familiar with this new method of learning.  I will have no hesitation in continuing with the online course as long as is necessary." Margery B.

“I have attended courses at the Alliance for over 10 years, and found them most helpful and enjoyable, but with the necessary cancellation of classes in March 2020, I was concerned to see what services might be provided. After only one week of cancellation, our course was continued with Zoom, which I had never used before, and I was delighted with the result. With the exception of a few minor technical glitches at the beginning, the quality was excellent, and the class was able to continue in its previous format with hardly any changes. This was a testament to the immense work put in by the teaching staff, despite them having to reorganise their own professional and domestic lives, and it remained a pleasure to continue with the course. I had therefore no reservations in continuing with my course online and would encourage others to do likewise, and all credit to the Alliance staff.’’ Thomas B.