Diplomas in Professional French (DFP) test the candidate’s aptitude and competence to use written and oral French in various areas of professional life and on different levels. They are issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris

They are a real plus for all those concerned with professional communication in the francophone world and internationally.

Each examination is divided into two parts assessing the 4 following skills: oral comprehension and spoken French, written comprehension and written French.


Timetable – 2018:

Enrolment Form:

Fees: £175 per diploma

Please note that it will not always be possible to run each session as per the CCIP’s timetable.

More information about this exam can be found here.

Please contact Shona Miller (assistant@afglasgow.org.uk) to find out if we are offering the tests that meet your personal or professional needs, or to discuss our upcoming sessions.