We provide a wide range of courses for adults.

There are 4 terms of regular classes between September and June and each term runs for 8 weeks.  We also offer summer classes. Find out more…



You have never studied French before:

  • Enrol directly in an A1.1 course for complete beginners.

You have studied French before:

  1. Test yourself online (optional)
  2. Contact us to arrange a short and informal oral assessment with one of our teachers => Book online here.
  3. Information on our Adult Classes taking place between November 2020-January 2021 (Term B) is available here.



Our four sessions of adult classes in 2020/2021 will be running as follows:

Term A: Monday 14th September to Monday 9th November 2020
Term B: Monday 16th November 2020 to Wednesday 27th January 2021
Term C: Friday 5th February to Thursday 1st April 2021
Term D: Monday 19th April to Saturday 12th June 2021

There will be no classes during the following breaks:
Enrolment Break: Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th November 2020 incl.
Christmas Break : Monday 21st December 2020 to Wednesday 6th January 2021 incl.
Enrolment Break: Thursday 28th January to Thursday 4th February 2021 incl.
Spring Break: Friday 2nd to Saturday 17th April 2021 incl.

Please note that classes which fall on holidays will be rescheduled as follows:
*Monday 28th Sept 2020 => Monday 9th Nov
*Friday 28th May 2021 ==> Friday 18th June
*Saturday 29th May 2021 ==> Saturday 19th June
*Monday 31st May 2021 ==> Monday 14th June

At the start of the academic year, students will have the opportunity to enrol for 8 weeks (Term A) or 16 weeks (Term A & Term B).

If you have missed the opportunity to enrol at the start of the academic year, please note we can always enrol new students at the start of each term.

FEES 2020/2021

General French (3hrs/week):

  • 1 Term (8 weeks, Term A OR Term B): £149 / conc. £139
  • 2 Terms (16 weeks, Term A & Term B): £288 / conc. £268
  • Annual admin fee£18
  • You will purchase your own learning materials such as textbooks or novels

Conversation & Current Affairs (2hrs/week):

  • 1 Term (8 weeks, Term A OR Term B): £112 / conc. £102
  • 2 Terms (16 weeks, Term A & Term B): £213 / conc. £193
  • Annual admin fee£18

Add-On Classes (1hr/week):

  • 1 Term (8 weeks): £61 / conc. £57
  • Annual admin fee£18


If you are currently enrolled in a general French class (3hrs/week) and missed a session, you can arrange one-to-one lesson to catch-up with a tutor.

Fees and T&Cs apply. 

Please contact us by email (assistant@afglasgow.org.uk) for more information.