Summer Classes suitable for adults of all levels between June and September 2019. 

Semi-Intensive Courses:
Enrol in a 4-week programme suitable for complete beginners, or reinforce your language skills with revisions.

Intensive Courses:
Brush-up on your French with revisions over the course of 3 days

SEMI-INTENSIVE COURSES (2 x 3hrs over 4 weeks): Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9pm

  • 18th June-11th July
  • 13th August-5th September


  • Beginners A1.1
  • Elementary (A1/A2)
  • Intermediate (A2/B1)
  • Advanced (B1/C2)

Fees: £146 / concession £136
Books for an A1.1 class: £29 (suitable for all A1 levels)

INTENSIVE 3-DAY COURSES (3 x 5hrs): 10am – 12.30pm / 1.30pm – 4pm

  • Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th July incl.
  • Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd August incl.
  • Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th August incl.


  • Elementary (A1/A2)
  • Intermediate (A2/B1)
  • Advanced (B1/C2)

Fees: £112 / concession £107



If you have studied French before and are not a complete beginner, please contact us to arrange an assessment with one of our teachers so we can recommend the most suitable class at your level.

To make an appointment, simply contact the Language Office on 0141 331 4080 or book online here.

You also have the option to take our online placement test here
Once you have completed this test, you will have the option to send your results to us by email or to contact us by phone. You will then simply have to make an appointment with one of our teachers for an informal oral assessment which will enable us to recommend the most suitable class at your level.


Enrolment Form Summer Classes 2019: to be completed and signed before the start of your course.

Visit or contact the Language Office on 0141 331 4080 if you wish to enrol in one of our courses. 

Please note that places are limited and that we cannot reserve you a place in any of our course until your full payment has been accepted.

Information on our regular adult classes between September 2019 and June 2020 will be available in August.