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These courses are the new creations from our teams. 

New is not always better, but this time, we know for sure it is. 

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If you have studied French before:

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New exciting formats !

DELF B1 Preparation Course

This class is designed to prepare you for the DELF examination. The course is run by our teachers who are also certified DELF examiners. You will practice the four types of exercises of the DELF exam (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing) through various activities.

Pace: 3 hours class / 1 time a week

Holidays in France

Discover regions of France and learn all the useful vocab for your holidays in France ! 

Recommended level: A1+/A2

Pace: 2 hours class / 1 time a week

Lunch Time Chat


This course consists of an informal conversation class where you will discuss and give your opinion on various topics or the latest news.

No books needed

Pace: 1 hour class / 1 time a week