The eTEF exams are electronic tests developed by the CCIP and recognised by the French Ministry of Education.

There is no pass or fail mark. Rather, each version of the test establishes your level in French.
A certificate with your results for each section is issued following the exam and is valid for two years.

Places for each session are limited, and  you will need to make sure we have a space available for you before sending us any type of payment.

Please contact us should the dates currently available in our schedule be unsuitable for you.

The eTEF evaluates your skills in French and can be used by employers, universities and business schools in France.

Upcoming session(s) in 2021:


  • Compréhension écritecompréhension orale, lexique & structure and expression écrite: £50 per test
  •  Expression orale: £70
  • Cost to sit the five tests: £270

The eTEF Canada is recognised as official proof of language proficiency by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as well as the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion du Québec for permanent residency applications, and Canadian citizenship applications.

The exam is composed of the following four tests: compréhension écrite (60mins), compréhension orale (40 mins), expression orale (15mins), & expression écrite (60mins).
Please note that le Ministère Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada requires that candidates sit all the tests on the same day if they wish to apply for ’une demande d’immigration’.

Upcoming session(s) in 2021:

  • Thursday 21st October / Deadline: 7th October at 1pm
  • Please contact for more information.
  • Fees: £210 

The eTEF Naturalisation can be used for citizenship application with the French government.

This test is composed of four compulsory sections: compréhension écrite (45mins), compréhension orale (25mins),  expression écrite (30mins) & expression orale (10mins).

Upcoming session(s) in 2021:

  • Thursday 21st October / Deadline: 7th October at 1pm
  • Please contact for more information.
  • Fees: £195

The eTEFaQ is required by the Ministry of Immigration Québec for a visa application.

You have the option to sit the following tests: compréhension orale (40 mins), expression orale (15mins), compréhension écrite (60mins) & expression écrite (60mins).

Upcoming session(s) in 2021:

  • Fees: £55/test

Please note that within the framework for official applications for immigration with the Canadian Immigration Authorities, the principal applicant can as well obtain points for knowledge in reading and writing. In this case, the eTEF Canada would be the appropriate test (see below).


  • Contact to make sure there is an available space for you and if so, to arrange the payment of your fees. We currently accept payment by bank transfer or via PayPal.
  • Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, places for each session are very limited.
  • Your place for any exam will only be confirmed once we have received your completed application form and your full payment.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions here.


Prepare for any eTEF exam online with PrepMyFuture!

This online platform offers the following elements:

  • Replicate exam conditions with audio recordings & scripts
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