Our next regular online classes for Adults & Children will start from 7th February 2022!

For our children's classes please click here


Term C will run between Monday 7th February and Saturday 2nd April 2022 included.

Our classes for adults are held in the morning from 10am or in the evening from 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

In addition to our general French classes ranging from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1) levels, our timetable also includes specialised French courses such as Conversation and Current Affairs.

General French (3hrs/week)

  • Beginners & Elementary A1 / A2

A1.1 : Wed. 10am, or Thurs.  6pm, or Sat. 10am

A1.2 :  Thurs. 10am, or Thurs. 6pm

A1.3 : Tues. 6pm

A1+.1 : Mon. 6pm

A1+.2 : Tues. 6pm

A1+.4 : Wed. 6pm

  • Intermediate A2 / B1

A2.1 : Wed. 6pm

A2.3 : Wed. 6pm

A2+.3 : Tues. 10am

  • Advanced & Academic B1 / C2

A2/B1 : Tues. 6pm

B1.1 : Thurs. 10am

B1.3 : Mon. 6pm

B1+.2 : Thurs. 10am, or Sat. 10am

B1+.4 : Wed. 10am, or Sat. 10am

B2.3 : Tues. 6pm

L&C Advanced : Mon. 6pm, or Wed. 10am

L&C B2 : Tues. 10am, or Thurs. 10am

Academic : Tues. 10am, or Wed. 10am, or Wed. 6pm, or 

Sat. 10am

Specialised French (2hrs/week)

  • General Conversation A2 > C1

Intermediate : Thurs. 6pm, or Fri. 10am

Advanced : Tues. 10am, or Thurs. 6pm, or Fri. 10am

  • Current Affairs B2 / C1Thurs. 10am, or Thurs. 6pm

Learning materials

Depending on your level, you will be expected to purchase your own learning materials such as textbooks (around £30) or a novel (around £10).


If you have studied French before elsewhere (not at the AF Glasgow) and are not a complete beginner, you would need to book an assessment (over the phone)  so we can recommend the most suitable class at your level.

To make an appointment, simply book online here.

You also have the option to take our online placement test
Once you have completed this test, you will have the option to send your results to us by email. You will then simply have to make an appointment with one of our teachers for an informal oral assessment (see above) which will enable us to recommend the most suitable class at your level.

Enrolment procedure

Enrolment Form Adult Classes 2021/22: to be completed and signed before the start of your course.

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Please note that places are limited and that we cannot reserve you a place in any of our course until your full payment has been accepted.


  • General French (3hrs/week)

8 weeks (Term C) : £152 / conc. £142

16 weeks (Terms C & D) : £294 / conc. £274

  • Specialised French (2hrs/week)

8 weeks (Term C) : £115 / conc. £105

16 weeks (Terms C & D) : £220 / conc. £200

  • Annual Admin Fee : £18

Our concession rate applies to full-time students, senior citizens (over 60s), people who receive Jobseeker’s Allowance, and to the second and subsequent members of the same family. Please note that proof may be required.

You can pay your fees:

  • by bank transfer (see below),
  • via PayPal (see below).
  • by phone : 0141 331 4080 (available depending on current restrictions)

IMPORTANT: If you have never studied French with us before or were not enrolled during Term A or Term B (September 2021-January 2022), please do not send us any type of payment before getting in touch with us to be assessed or to see if we have a space available for you.

Terms & Conditions apply

The Alliance Française Glasgow’s bank details are as follows:

Bank of Scotland 

Alliance Francaise Glasgow

Account 00117641 / Sort Code 80-07-24

Adults 2021/2022: 8 weeks (Term C) or 16 weeks (Term C & D)
Name, Day & Time of class

Contact the Language Office (admin@afglasgow.org.uk) if you have any questions.