Classical Concert

Date: 24 Apr 2024, 6:00pm - 7:00pm GMT London, Lisbon

Experience the enchantment of a classical music soirée celebrating the masterpieces of France's most illustrious composers, brought to life by the No Borders Trio!

Immerse yourself in an evening of timeless melodies, from the ethereal sounds of Debussy and Ravel to the fiery passion of Bizet and the soul-stirring tunes of Piaf. The No Borders Trio is not just a musical ensemble; they are dedicated advocates of harmony and inclusivity. From hospitals to care homes, and arts venues across Scotland, their music resonates with all who listen. Indulge in the elegant ambiance of this concert, where the velvety tones of Frances Patterson's violin, the rich resonance of Suzanne Godet's viola, and the soulful depths of Joanna Stark's cello intertwine seamlessly, as recent graduates of the esteemed Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Their repertoire includes iconic works by Debussy, Bizet, Ravel, and the timeless classics of Piaf.

This performance promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of French musical heritage. Relax and enjoy the melodies with a glass of wine! Don't miss this opportunity to experience the magic of the No Borders Trio.

Date: 24 April
Time: 6pm
Price: £7 members - £12 non-members drink and snacks included 

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