Yearly Enrolment

Set yourself up for the whole year and benefit from the best prices

What is the yearly enrolment?

Our yearly enrolment option allows you to sign up for the entire academic year at once, instead of enrolling each term. This means you'll enrol in September and be automatically enrolled for our November, February, and April terms.
However, the yearly enrolment does not cover the Summer period.

What are the advantages of the yearly enrolment?

  • Time-saving: Enrolling once in September ensures your French learning is sorted for the whole year until the summer holiday.
  • Secure your spot: Keep your spot in the popular classes throughout the year.
  • Best prices: Enjoy the best prices per term – £195 per term for 3-hour classes and £140 per term for 2-hour classes.

How do I sign up?

When booking your class for the September term on the course selection page, simply choose the Yearly Enrolment option in the course selector. The yearly tariff will automatically be applied to the September term when you reach the payment page.

How do I pay?

Although yearly enrolment grants you the best prices, we understand that it might be more convenient to pay in instalments. The Alliance Française de Glasgow offers a 2-time payment plan via direct deposit. We ask that the second half of the payment be made by November 30th.

If you have any more questions, contact us at

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