Our Selection - January

Our Selection – January


Find our monthly selection of online and onsite books and DVDs from our library and culturethèque!

La véritable histoire de l'apprenti sorcier

by Nathalie Dessay 

An introduction of classical music for children.

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Le Prénom – What's in a Name (2012)

Vincent tells his childhood friends that he plans to name his child Adolf, and it causes unpleasant memories to surface for some of them.

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Podcast – Gustave Flaubert, sa vie, son oeuvre

by France Culture

Flaubert a-t-il bien prononcé la célèbre phrase “Madame Bovary, c'est moi" ? Que nous dit-elle de la personnalité de cet inlassable lecteur et méticuleux écrivain qu'était Gustave Flaubert ?

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La Mort de Napoléon 

by Simon Leys 

History tells us that Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile on the desolate island of St. Helena in 1821. Or did he? This novel supposes a more fanciful tale. A secret network of loyalists hatch an ingenious plot: the Emporer will return to Paris, while a double takes his place in exile…

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Livre numérique

by Mohammed AÏSSAOUI 

Prix Renaudot Essai 2010

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Bien-dire – Décembre 2021/Janvier 2022

'Metz la contemporaine'

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