Screening: Jean Renoir’s `La règle du jeu’

Screening: Jean Renoir’s ‘La règle du jeu’

We’re delighted to host a special screening of Jean Renoir’s cult French drama La règle du jeu, in partnership with Glasgow Film Crew Cinema Club on 16th October, 6pm. 

La règle du jeu / The rules of the game, Jean Renoir (1939)
113 minutes. In French with English subtitles.

Watch the trailer here.

In 1939, French director Jean Renoir turned his gaze away from working people to the haute bourgeoisie. Taking its cue from the classic stage farces of Musset and Beaumarchais, Renoir sets his action during a shooting weekend at a country house. It’s an upstairs-downstairs world where servants and masters become enmeshed in a tangle of desire, a jumble of motivations in which, in the film’s famous phrase, “Everyone has their reasons”. At the film’s centre is the amiable Octave (played by Renoir), whose best intentions lead to tragedy.

American director Robert Altman paid tribute to La Règle du jeu with his own upstairs-downstairs country-manor murder mystery, Gosford Park (2002).

Date & Time: Wednesday 16th October, 6-8pm

Free entry but this event is ticketed, and donations are welcome.
To book, please click here

A donation box will available at the event, or click here to see how you can donate to the Alliance Française.

The Glasgow Film Crew Cinema Club has a focus on non-mainstream – independent, art house, classics, avant-garde and World cinema. After screenings there will be informal discussions where cinephiles and those just getting into film are welcome. The Glasgow Film Crew is an established indie filmmaking group created in 2013

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