Talk - Napoleon at Dumfries House

Talk – Napoleon at Dumfries House

We are delighted to invite you to (re)discover the Boswell Book Festival at Dumfries House in Ayrshire in May! 

The world’s only festival dedicated to biography and memoir will celebrate its ninth edition this year and the three-day event offers a weekend of discussion and debate to inspire and delight.

Join us for a special talk by Adam Zamoyski on his brilliant new biography of Napoleon on Saturday 11th May. Don’t miss the special offer for our members (please see info below)!

Napoléon, the man behind the myth – Adam Zamoyski

Hailed as an ‘out and out masterpiece’, Adam Zamoyski’s biography, Napoleon, is the first written in English to rely on original European sources. His unadorned portrait, stripped of historical myth and propaganda, reveals Napoleon the man – as a brilliant young artillery officer, as a Corsican patriot (and reader of Boswell), and as a victorious general and burgeoning autocrat. But it also shows him as a healer of a divided French nation, a modernising statesman, an admirer of the arts and sciences, as well as lover and loving husband – and ultimately as the creator of his own catastrophic downfall.

Adam Zamoyski is an acclaimed historian of European history with a singular command of languages. He has written a best selling history of Poland, as well as books of military history and biography.

Saturday 11th May, 6.30pm

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