University of Stirling: online course

University of Stirling: online course

This autumn, the University of Stirling will be running an online course entitled ‘Remembering Empire‘ about the memory of French Algeria.  

Join us for a special talk on les pieds-noirs by Dr Fiona Barclay on Tuesday 5th November at the Alliance Française, 6.30pm.

Remembering Empire
Pioneers, Colonisers, and Refugees in French Algeria.

By Dr Beatrice Ivey & Dr Fiona Barclay

Why does the memory of empire matter today? What can we learn from the case study of the French settlers of Algeria?

Over 5 weeks from 17th October, learners will be guided by Dr Fiona Barclay, Senior Lecturer in French Studies at the University of Stirling, through the diverse and complex history of French Algeria by looking at texts, videos, and testimonies that show different ways of remembering aspects of French Algeria.

Each week, the course will also explore how history of French Settlers in Algeria relates to other colonial contexts in the English-speaking world, such as the role of Scottish settlers in colonies around the world.

More information (programme, background..etc.) is available here

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