Online French Resources (November 2020)

Online French Resources (November 2020)

The internet is a goldmine to access culture! Discover our monthly selection of quality resources and apps to immerse yourself into the authentic French culture. 



Catch replays of festivals, concerts, opera and theatre performances on's platform culturebox.

colelction des musees de normandie

Les collections du Réseau des musées de Normandie

To highlight their collections, Réseau des musées Normandie has created a website where you can browse through a variety of artworks and collections, as well as play interactive games.

Philarmonie de Paris

Watch concerts, conferences, photos, access databases and learn everything you need to know about music with La Philarmonie de Paris' online resources.

Le carnaval des animaux

Little ones will enjoy a new story every week on Radio Classique's website, as told by Elodie Fondacci and accompanied by beautiful pieces of classical music.



This fun app will reveal quirky fun facts and secrets about famous artists, museums and other cultural centres. 

Book d’oreille

One on the biggest francophone e-library where you can buy and download audio-books in French.

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