COP 26: Online talk + screening `Marcher sur l’eau’

COP 26: Online talk + screening ‘Marcher sur l’eau’

On the occasion of the COP 26, the Alliances Françaises Glasgow and Dublin, the Goethe Institut Glasgow and Dublin, and the Institut Français d'Ecosse are delighted to invite you to a special discussion on 12th November about the access to water in the context of climate change, followed by the screening of the very engaging French movie 'Above Water' directed by Aïssa Maïga, in partnership with the Climate Crisis Film Festival!


We are delighted to welcome for this exciting panel:

  • Professor Karin Helwig – GCU’s Centre for Climate Justice.

Dr Karin Helwig has been involved in research in the field of pharmaceutical pollution in the aquatic environment for the past eight years. She is currently working on the Newton-funded WEMSI Project on prioritising micropollutants in Brazil. Previously, she worked on the EU noPILLS project, investigating strategies for the reduction of pharmaceutical inputs into the sewer and surface waters, and the PILLS Project, which focused on hospital effluents as point sources of pharmaceutical pollution. Her key interests in this area are catchment analysis, predictive approaches for risk assessment and environmental stewardship.

  • French environmental activist Lamya Essemlali – Chairperson of Sea Shepherd France and Campaign Coordinator for Sea Shepherd Global.

Lamya Essemlali founded the French branch in 2006 and has been the president since 2008. Lamya has a Masters in Environmental Science and specialises in the conservation of biodiversity, Lamya Essemlali has participated in and organised more than thirty onsite missions for Sea Shepherd France and Sea Shepherd International. Also an author and speaker, she is  reguarly invovled in her field in the media and in numerous matters concerning ecology today.

As an international curator and art critic, Anne-Marie Melster has made a name for herself in the field of art and climate change through numerous interdisciplinary art projects with ARTPORT_making waves. Since 2006 she has collaborated with internationally renowned artists (Olafur Eliasson, Tino Sehgal, Barthélémy Toguo, etc.), institutions (United Nations, Pro Helvetia, Embassy of Switzerland in Paris, Grand Palais Paris, IUCN, Kunstmuseum Bonn, etc.) and companies, to raise awareness about climate change through the arts. She has created art programs for various climate conferences, as well as for the COP23 in Bonn in 2017. Each of these programs involves entire cities in various locations to address civil society as well as the delegates, thereby contributing to social change. Last but not least, she is one of the curatorial pioneers at the interface of art and climate change.

Anja Murray is an environmental policy analyst and ecologist. She has long been an environmental advocate and has been active in highlighting the importance of protecting our natural environment, wildlife and ecosystems. She has worked with An Taisce as a natural environment officer on European and Irish environmental policy and as land use and habitats policy officer at Birdwatch Ireland. She is a member of the Irish Environmental Network and the Irish Wildlife Trust. She is also a regular presenter on the Irish National Broadcaster RTE’s environmental programmes “Eco Eye” and “Nature File”.

Friday 12th November, 6.30pm

Free event – Please click here to register. 


Marcher sur l'eau / Above Water (2021) directed by Aissa Maiga

From one end of the globe to the other, water is becoming increasingly scarce. For a billion people, access to safe drinking water is almost non-existent… a crisis with huge consequences. As a result, millions of families spend their lives trying to get access to water. Houlaye, 12 years-old, lives in a village in Tatis, Niger. She walks for several kilometers every day to fetch water. It is abundant during rainy season, but not found during the dry season. However, two hundred meters bellow the surface, there is a water source that goes far beyond their imagination. Houlaye’s aunt Suri convinced an NGO to build a well in the village, It is the promise of a new life for those men and women who, unknowingly, had been walking on water forever.

This movie will be accessible online from Friday 12th November 8pm GMT to Saturday 13th November 8pm on the Goethe-Institut platform.


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