COP26: Cool Down Project - Exhibition

COP26: Cool Down Project – Exhibition

As part of the COP26, we're delighted to invite you to a special exhibition with the artistic collective Cool Down at the Pipe Factory!


After Katowice during COP 24, the artistic collective Cool Down is back for a new project to take place in Glasgow, during COP 26. Their objective for this second opus ? To go further into the process, considering art and artists as powerful game changers, way beyond their criticism or awareness-raising capacity. By positionning the artists at the heart of the decision-making process, our aim is to enable them to show the way towards a chosen and happy sobriety, low-tech solutions, cooperation, lengthy time, much valued by climate experts to tackle the climate crisis.

During this two-weeks show, general public and parties stakeholders from COP 26 are invited to discover this artistic proposal in which every piece of work values saving of resources and means, lash-up techniques recycling of objects and images. This splitting away from immediacy, this form of sobriety invites the viewer to take a stroll through this daydreaming invitation, using processes close to craft. Beyond this apparent but false creative simplicity, the exhibition has to be considered as a massive machine in which every piece takes its part and corresponds to a cog. Each of these cogs would participate to the appropriate functioning of the whole. This exhibition individually and collectively questions us on our action levers, inviting each of us to take its part as in the Colibri fable used by Pierre Rahbi.

Exhibition from 30th October to 14th November 2021

Opening on Saturday 30th October, from 7pm!

Venue: The Pipe Factory, 42 Bain St, Glasgow G40 2LA

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