IFCinéma à la carte - Francophonie!

IFCinéma à la carte – Francophonie!

Join us to celebrate Francophonie Week with a special selection of French films!   

Between 10th March and 10th April, IFcinéma à la carte is inviting you to enjoy four French films specially selected to celebrate la Francophonie!

Les Malheurs de Sophie, Christophe Honoré (2015)

Since her birth, the little Sophie can not resist the temptation of the forbidden and what she loves most is to do stupid things with her cousin Paul. When her parents decide to visit America, Sophie is delighted. A year later, she is back in France with her horrible stepmother, Mrs. Fichini. But Sophie is going to count on the help of her two friends, the little girls and their mother, Madame de Fleurville to escape the clutches of that woman.


Lulu femme nue, Solveig Anspach (2013)

Following a botched job interview, Lulu decides not to return home, leaving her husband and their three children in the lurch. She premeditated nothing, it all happened quite simply. She steals a few days of freedom for herself alone, on the coast with no other purpose in mind than to take full advantage of the moment, without feeling guilty about it. On the way she crosses paths with a variety of people who, like herself, are at the edge of the world: a strange guy protected by his brothers, an old woman who is bored to death, a female employee hassled by her female boss. Three decisive encounters that will help Lulu rediscover an old acquaintance she's not seen for years: herself.


Corniche Kennedy, Dominique Cabrera (2016)

In the blue of the Mediterranean, at the foot of luxurious villas, the young kids of Marseille defy the laws of gravity . Marco, Mehdi, Franck, Mélissa, Hamza, Mamaa, Julie : girls and boys dive, take flight, take risks to experience life to the fullest. Suzanne devours them with her eyes from inside her chic villa. Their free bodies, their excess. She wants to be part of them. She will be part of them.


Caméra d'Afrique, Férid Boughedir (1983)

After several decades of colonial cinema using Africa as an exotic setting-often denying humanity and dignitiy to its people-and 70 years after the invention of the cinema, freshly independent Africans take hold at long last of that movie-camera which had been forbidden to them for so long. Despite a total lack of means and infrastructures, and filming against all odds, using by chance any African or foreign support, they try to show African reality in its variated forms, as it is seen at last through African eyes. Caméra d'Afrique, the result of a personal shooting that took place over ten years, recalls the early 20 years of those new “authors", created in SubSaharan Africa, which bear witness to an amazing thirst to show and to express themselves, never extinguished to this day.


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