IFCinéma à la carte - MAY

IFCinéma à la carte – MAY

To celebrate the Festival de Cannes due to take place in July, IFcinéma à la carte is offering a special selection of French films! 

These films are available from 10th May to 10th June. You can access the special selection here.

Bird people, Pascale Ferran (2014)

In an airport hotel on the outskirts of Paris, a Silicon Valley engineer abruptly chucks his job, breaks things off with his wife, and holes up in his room. Soon, fate draws him and a young French maid together.

Barbara, Mathieu Amalric (2017)

Brigitte is preparing for the role of the famous French singer Barbara. The actress carefully studies the character, gestures, manners, and intonations. She learns the music scores, mimics her facial expression, but, as Brigitte does and more and more of it, she gradually merges with the character. The director is also preparing to shoot the film: he studies archival footage and painstakingly selects the music. He is inspired and even possessed—but with Barbara or with her new incarnation?

Run, Philippe Lacote (2014)

Run is a runaway who has just killed the Prime Minister of his homeland. Disguised as a lunatic, he begins wandering across the city. He remembers his past through flashbacks: his childhood with Master Tourou when he was dreaming of becoming a rain-maker, his adventures with Gladys the eating champion and finally as a soldier at the heart of a political and military conflict in the Ivory Coast. This is how RUN earned his name. He never chose any of these lives; he just manages to escape from one to the other.

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