Photo Marseille Festival - Exhibition

Photo Marseille Festival – Exhibition

This Summer, as part of the Photo Marseille Festival, discover an amazing series of photos of Glasgow by French photographer Camille Fallet

The exhibition The For Whom The Bell Tolls (Go) at the Centre Photographique Marseille will consist of more than 60 photographs, a slide show, and a video installation created in 2017 as part of a residency organised by Glasgow's Street Level Photoworks and the Centre Photographique Marseille.

For Whom the Bell Tolls (GO) – 19th June to 25th September

“After reading an article in Le Monde diplomatique a few years ago, a unique detail that is specific to this city stuck in my mind: the Glasgow effect. This phenomenon is characterised by a 28-year gap in life expectancy between rich and poor neighbourhoods, with rich people dying at an average age of 82 and poor people at 54. Comparable cities, such as Manchester, do not suffer these same consequences, and a combination of factors seem to be involved: malnutrition, poor sanitary conditions, addictions, violence, harshness of the work, climate, etc. As a result, my starting point was a question. Is this phenomenon perceptible in the city? How is it characterised within the spatial character of Glasgow?"

Photo : Alex Dunn and David Healy, Glasgow, 2019 (c) Camille Fallet

Mixing pedestrian exploration, car traffic, photographs, and video recordings, this work is an attempt to dissect the city of Glasgow. The result is a work composed of three superimposed video projections that narrate this photographic experience.

Camille Fallet has been named the guest of honour for the Photo Marseille 2020 festival.

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