Siri Black - Digital Residency `New Forms of Togetherness’

Siri Black – Digital Residency ‘New Forms of Togetherness’

We're happy to invite you to discover more about artist Siri Black's practice.


Siri Black is one of the three artists taking part in the online residency 'New Forms of Togetherness', which contributes to the interdisciplinary discourse between artists and partners around the topic of Artificial Intelligence. In her video, she gives an insight into her practice as well as her work in progress:

'The film is a short insight into ongoing research which centres around surface anomalies detected on the planet Mars, which have garnered popular and scientific interest as possible remnants of extraterrestrial civilisations or as records of attempted interstellar communication. I am mostly interested in the interpretations of these surface structures because they reveal what languages we might deem as viable or universal if communication between humans and non-humans/extraterrestrials were to be established. They also bear witness to the improvements in pattern recognition software, accelerated greatly by advances made in computer vision and machine learning, and to how artificial intelligence might aid or direct what patterns are detected.'

An expanded film based on these investigations is part of David Dale Gallery's and Lux Scotland's monthly online film screening 1-31 August.

Siri Black's work and the outcome of the residency will be presented in the framework of NEoN Festival 2021 and an exhibition in Glasgow in December 2021. 
The digital residency ‘New Forms of Togetherness’ is a collaboration between the Goethe-Institut Glasgow and the Alliance Française Glasgow (together with the Institut Français d’Ecosse). The project aims at uniting the topics of technology and visual art, thus creating a new approach to an increasingly central topic

This project is funded and supported by our partners and the Franco-German Cultural Fund.

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