Online quiz - Défi Inter-Alliances!

Online quiz – Défi Inter-Alliances!

Win a 2-week-long language and cultural stay in France by taking part in the Défi Inter-Alliances !

The Défi Inter-Alliances is coming back!

Who can participate?

If you are older than 16 years old, a member of the Alliance Française Glasgow, and are attending at least level B1 courses, you are most welcome to participate!

When will it take place?

On 17th October!

What is the Défi Inter-Alliances?

This online quiz will involve answering questions about French Culture… in French !

If you are among the two best candidates of the Alliance Française Glasgow, you will participate in the national finale, and maybe the international finale!

There will be numerous prizes along the way, including a 15-day language trip to an Alliance Française in France!


This session will take place online via Zoom (details will be sent to you by email before the event).

There will be 3 stages of the competition:

Local: each participating AF will internally select its best two candidates through an online quiz consisting of 20 questions.

  • Date: Monday 17th October 2022, 6pm – Alliance Française Glasgow (online attendance)

National: the two winners from each AF will meet online in the national finale, which is an online quiz consisting of 25 questions.

  • Date: Friday 4th November 2022 (online attendance)

International: the two winners from each country will compete online in the international finale, which is a quiz consisting of 30 questions. Don't forget to wear your country's colours!

  • Date: Saturday 26th November 2022 (online attendance)

The ‘défi inter-alliances’ is an international contest that allows students from all over the world to compete for the chance to win a selection of prizes. The contest will involve answering various questions about French culture, including a wide range of topics that will cover subjects such as geography, language, history, and art.

This year, around 10 Alliances Françaises in the United Kingdom are going to give their best efforts against numerous others, coming from more than 15 countries! The contest will be held on Zoom and Kahoot to make it easier.

Registration is free, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to win!

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