Ciné Club

Join us for our next Ciné-Club on Wednesday 17th May at the Alliance Française Glasgow:

La Fracture (The Divide)  directed by Catherine Corsini.

During a winter evening in 2018, Raf, on the verge of breaking up with Julie, fractures an elbow and ends up in the emergency department of a large Parisian hospital. At the same time, Yann arrives injured from the clash with the riot police at a large demonstration of yellow vests. The encounter between these three characters shatters their certainties and prejudices, while outside the tension intensifies and the hospital has to close its doors for the protestors who besiege the building and the staff are overwhelmed.

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on 9 July 2021. It was first theatrically released in France on 27 October 2021. It won the Queer Palm at Cannes.

Screening in French with English subtitles – 99 minutes

Click here for the trailer

Staring: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Marina Foïs, Pio Marmaï

Date & Time: Wednesday  17th May, 6pm

Venue: Alliance Française Glasgow, 3 Park Circus, Glasgow G3 6AX

Price:  £3 per participant including drink and snacks 

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